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The All-New 64 Makaira.
Reaching for the New.

To reach… Whether for the sea’s depths where big-game fish reside in unfathomable majesty, or for distant palm or pine clad shores, or simply for an estuary’s tidal mouth – the destination does not matter. What does is the undertaking … the adventure … the setting out on a journey that tests the mariner’s skill and the seaworthiness of his vessel.

We have built some of the world’s greatest production yachts. Our naval architect has designed some of the most legendary custom offshore boats ever to hunt the sea for billfish. Together, we have reached far beyond production and custom boatbuilding to create a luxury sportfish combining the strengths of both.

We are about to introduce a four-stateroom convertible so advanced in its selection of lightweight materials and construction technology, so breathtaking a departure in its lines and interior arrangements that it will achieve what many builders have attempted but none until now has accomplished: the fusion of custom craftsmanship and design finesse with the efficiencies and accelerated delivery schedules of production manufacturing.

The 64 Makaira. Bearing the Latin name for marlin – our sport’s greatest quarry. With the power, speed, and agility worthy of the name. Like nothing you’ve ever seen. Arriving in 2008.