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You Are Invited to Make a
“Personal Discovery” of
the 64 Makaira Sportfishing Yacht at the Factory.

She waits for the most discriminating and demanding sportfishermen to discover. And, like any discovery, a little effort, some travel, and a level of commitment are required.

While the 64 Makaira is a production yacht with the construction and delivery cycles that implies, we intend to limit manufacturing during her introduction. To achieve the level of custom workmanship that will distinguish her from all other production boats requires the patient and practiced handwork of our craftsmen. And, to be perfectly frank, we want to make certain that only masters of the sport possess her, at least in the beginning when she begins to acquire tournament fame.

To further the exclusivity of our marketing and sales approach to the 64 Makaira, we are jealously guarding the details of her finished design, her unusual accommodations plan, and her hull performance dynamics. (Not even our most inquisitive competitors have a clue!) There is, in fact, only one place where you can discover the 64 Makaira: at our southern New Jersey manufacturing facility.

If you are willing to commit a day to a private presentation in the vicinity of Atlantic City, with the airfare and lodgings your own responsibility, we invite you to email Lauren to schedule an appointment. We suggest that it will be very much worth your while.